• Ceph Snapshots & backups on Proxmox VE

    RBD (RADOS Block Device) volumes can be exported using RBD Snapshots and exports. Once we use Snapshots, we can also run differential exports, so have differential backups from Ceph. When providing Proxmox with Ceph RBD, it will create a RBD volume for each VM or CT. CephFS different and are out of the scope. In case you would be interested in creating snapshots on CephFS, just create named subfolder of the .snap magical folder. This will give you a CephFS snapshot, and can be used anywhere in the directory hierarchy. Here is an example I use for some part of

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  • Get stunning textures on Minetest

    Get stunning textures on Minetest

    Depending on your PC and especially your graphic card, you can significantly change the look of the Minetest game. So you can get: Instead of: Click on the above pictures, and display them in full-screen to see the difference. The key is to download the appropriate textures for your PC performances, possibly mix the texture packs to match your preferences. The “texture quality” 512, 256 or 128px represents the number of pixels you can count on the border of a square block in minetest. But default it’s 16, you can easily count them. If you have a GTX1080ti or higher,

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  • LuxFly

  • Un Monde Merveilleux – Pictures

    Un Monde Merveilleux – Pictures

    Hi, Stability Over the past days, we fixed a couple of crashes with “mod Animalia”. The mod vehicles seem to cause some troubles as well. It will be removed if there’s another crash. IRC The server chat is also available on IRC. Just /join #UnMondeMerveilleux on irc.epkinet.org Some Pictures:

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  • Change your user-agent in Firefox

    Typically, the user-agent sent by your web browser it way too much verbose. While the user-agent was useful to restrict website features for some browsers that were not supporting recent features, this becomes a concern since a too precise user-agent can : Make it easy for web sites to track you, even without cookies if you have a not so common user-agent. Impair security, especially if you have to browse internet with an outdated web browser. User-agents examples: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:92.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/92.0 Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:78.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/78.0 While the first one is

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  • Minetest – Un monde merveilleux – crashes

    Minetest – Un monde merveilleux – crashes

    Since Yesterday, we experienced several server crashes. Some mods have been disabled. Some mods creates new errors when disabled… So at this time, the issues is not fixed. We’re investigating. The problem seems to trigger when approaching some homes with animalia animals. Sorry for inconvenience. [Edit 202110] Crashes have been fixed, mostly. Still some doubts on the vehicle mod that might be removed. Also, you will discover several new mods. And I mine path you can follow close to Pivert & Jonathan’shouses. You can go up to -500 with a bit of walking and a glider (required). Enjoy !

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  • Install Minetest client on Ubuntu

    Most distribution packages are a bit old, so I highly recommend using the PPA (Personal Package Archive) repository. In my case, I experienced localization problems, especially with French special or extended characters.All fixed with the PPA version. Here is how to install: At the time of this writing, this will install the version 5.4.1-ppa0, about 40MB. Update: unfortunately the ubuntu 21.10 is not supported, we might have to wait for the Ubuntu 22.04 to be able to use this method again…

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  • Minetest – Un monde merveilleux

    A friendly server for building up your home in the wild with creative mode enabled. Based on the valleys map, with plenty of mountains & rivers. Server might be unavailable for a short time every day around 5 CEST for backups. In order to get latest news of the Minetest server, including issues or downtimes. I recommend you to subscribe to the RSS feed with an RSS feed reader on the url : https://www.pivert.org/category/minetest/feed

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  • HTTP referer on AWS S3

    If you store files on AWS S3 to be referenced by your public website, you might want to prevent the link to be used by other websites or just to be shared without going first to your web page. Thus generating traffic cost on your AWS account without visiting your web page. Setting up an HTTP referer policy (notice the misspelling) can help you achieve that. Not to be confused with CORS mechanism. This is by no means a security feature as it’s very easy to bypass. An easy way for instance is to install a referer modifier browser extension.

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  • Happy new year 2021